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Where I'm From

2019 - Lauréat de récits

Danika Smith

Duncan, BC
Âge 18

Une note d'auteur

This poem was inspired by George Ella Lyon. One day I remembered about the poem they did so I started to think about my memories from the past three years. When I was on the canoe/tribal journeys, I thought about when I did Tzinquaw dancing and singing when I was in elementary school, most of my cultural experiences over the years that I have done.

In this poem I thought about where I was happy the most when around a lot of people, and also seeing other people enjoy themselves. Writing a poem to me, it means to acknowledge the beautiful things that go on around life, to be in the moment that the particular actions happen. My poem is about just some of the experiences that I was a part of, along my journey. It is what I would consider to look at whenever I would want to smile because it reminds me of that one special moment when I was truly happy with what I was doing in that time of period. My poem is about the joy's in life that happen a lot to anyone, although it may not be what they have enjoyed once, but it is what made me happy. This poem is my happiness

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Where I'm From