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2019 - Lauréat de récits

Hanna Sault-Hartwick

Kelowna, BC
Mississaugas of the Credit
Âge 16

Une note d'auteur

As I wrote this piece, I was swaddled in my great grandma’s blanket, and it is one of the most comfortable things I have felt. I like to think that her warmth, and my grandma’s warmth, and my mother’s warmth seeped into this story while I was writing it, because of that blanket.

I wrote this story because I hope that it reminds every Indigenous woman and man of their warrior spirit. We are descended from a long line of people who have lived, and died as warriors. You have the capability to be heard. You have a strong, beautiful, warrior soul.

This story is also my story, as it showcases the experiences that I have had while growing up as the daughter of an Indigenous woman, and Caucasian man. Sometimes, it is hard to balance both worlds, because people have a preconceived idea of what someone should be like in each of these roles. Yet this written piece is about overcoming that preconception, and learning to become who you are. I hope this piece also illustrates the journey of learning to love yourself, because once you can do that, you can overcome any obstacle.

I am both Aboriginal and white, and proud to be myself. I am a trained Martial Artist, and part of Wolf Clan. And I am a warrior, just like you.

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