Arts & Récits Autochtones - Traditional X: Stories from the Rez

Traditional X: Stories from the Rez

2017 - Lauréat de récits

Gr. 6/7 students Cadotte Lake School

Cadotte Lake, AB
Woodland Cree First Nation
Âge 13

Une note d'auteur

This is a group project, a chapbook done by our class. We chose Traditional X as our class name.

From the Introduction:

Rather than a piece of polished prose, our students created a cultural artefact.
When I say ‘cultural artefact’, that may conjure images of bones gathering dust in a museum. That is not what this is. Tradition is not a fixed monolith of the past. Tradition is alive, shifting, conversation, stories. We are all inheritors and creators of traditions. This bundle of stories is a work in process. Welcome to our conversation. Welcome to Traditional X.

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Traditional X: Stories from the Rez