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Healing Process

2016 - Lauréat de récits

Kaylin Flett

Duck Bay, MB
Sandy Bay First Nation
Âge 17

Une note d'auteur

My name is Kaylin Flett. I'm seventeen years old. I was born and raised in the city of Winnipeg,Manitoba. I moved to Camperville, Manitoba, when I was fourteen.I have been living here ever since grade nine. I like spending time with my son. I like sports and school. I'm a bright girl and have a lot of goals set for my future. I'm a status Aboriginal. I have belief in the creator. I grew up around a lot of traditional Aboriginal teachings and practices.

My grandfather was an elder in residence at the University of Winnipeg. He taught me the Aboriginal teachings, and he guided me through the practices. My writing piece shows how a person in their youth or adult years can go from negative energy to positive energy through Aboriginal healing. My writing piece explores the past and present Aboriginal heritage and culture. The events that happened in the past are still happening today; they are still being taught. The piece also shows the reader how you are not alone when a relative leaves the earth. My grandfather came to me in my sleep and talked to me through his spirit. The power of healing is an important event for Aboriginals because they have been through a lot in the past and are still being healed today. They are still going through racism and discrimination across Canada. My story is dedicated to my grandpa who passed away due to cancer.. He was struggling through the years with trying to heal and get rid of his cancer . At the same time, he was teaching people Aboriginal traditional ways. He was a strong medicine man who was always so full of life and enthusiasm. He always held hands open for all types of healing processes. He taught me the way, and that's why he is so important. He came to me in a deep sleep and gave me acceptance to move on.

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Healing Process