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Arts & Récits Autochtones - Bear at the Lake

Bear at the Lake

2018 - Lauréat d’art

Tristan Medwid

Winnipeg, MB
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Âge 9

Une note d'auteur

I chose courage because I was brave when my arm was broken. I was only three. I was trying to go over a fence with sharp points. I was dropped on the points and my arm broke. I went to the hospital overnight.

Another time when I was young, I was at a water park and got sick. My head was so hot it was burning. The doctors had to give me small needles and then a giant.

When I was eight or nine the dentist had to drill through my teeth. They tried to freeze my mouth but it didn’t work. After I left, the freezing started to work.

When I was nine and someone hurt my feelings, I forgave them. I was brave because I didn't cry.

I chose the bear for courage because I had be brave and strong when I got hurt.

I followed the Woodlands artist with my friend Tyson. We got the idea to make a sun and fish because they come from nature.

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