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Arts & Récits Autochtones - Wisdom in the Midst

Wisdom in the Midst

2016 - Lauréat d’art

Kane Pendry

Edmonton, AB
Metis Nation of Alberta
Âge 13

Une note d'auteur

Wisdom In The Midst

In this drawing the meaning I was to portray is to be wise when young. When young we typically do before we think, there isn’t much reasoning behind some decisions, and as a result this can result in an effect not intended. Instead of reacting without considering it should be the opposite, hence the name, old in young: to acquire a wise side.

The young portrait portrays in his eyes a clear undefined eye. I imagine the term “eye-opening” in drawing this section to signify the meaning suddenly to learn or understand what was not previously known [1], for there is always a chance for improvement.

The wise elder I imagine speaking to the youth and sharing experiences, sharing stories of the ancestors tongues, and sharing knowledge about his culture, for when we were young we all were ignorant. With the knowledge and advice, the youth has chosen to accept the gift and redirect his understanding into acts of bravery, therefore earning eagle feathers. This adds to the saying I previously mentioned: there is always a chance for improvement.

Since knowledge is greatly valued in Native societies, I thought it would only be prodigious to create a portrait to represent this value, and for my value of art...

Kane Pendry

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