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Arts & Récits Autochtones - spiritual warrior

spiritual warrior

2015 - Lauréat d’art

"Nodinamaad" Isaac Narciso Weber

Toronto, ON
Henvy Inlet First Nations
Âge 27

Une note d'auteur

The piece I'm presenting is the outcome of what I perceive to be a contemporary artistic alchemical process.
Why alchemy one might ask me, well let me proceed and explain that the very essence of alchemy is transformation.
Twelfth century chientist where looking to create gold out of base metals etc. Experimentation it was most of the time and this interests me the most.
Having tools and base materials although pre-fabricated most of the times, but applied with anticipation, reason and most important intent brought forth out of emotions. So what is there for me of mixed heritage an autonomous spirit to take from the physical mental plain and to illuminate in my spiritual emotional realm and how do I embody these experiments. Well as an aspiring visual artist I use the tools available within my environment like ancestors did, from carving petroglyphs to graffiti on a train or wall. It sounds radical but the way I observe these movements it embodies the power of visual culture to me.
One that surpasses time instrument and societies the spiritual warrior lives on four planes of the medicine wheel above under in the middle as well which makes seven directions. These realms are multifaceted but yet a cohesive network that build up a bigger entity that is you and me human beings spiritual beings emotional and mental beings.
Exploring these concepts can be mind blowing - the character rendered overcame the same his head turned into a spiritual headdress.

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