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Arts & Récits Autochtones - Going back or home

Going back or home

2013 - Lauréat d’art

Isaac Weber

Toronto, ON
Henvy Inlett First Nations
Âge 25

Une note d'auteur

Going Home is about an idea, a concept I have carried with me for a long time, so I have become acquainted with this same concept in many different ways.

This is because it speaks about the will power of the newer generations to head back and to look for those ancient teachings. There are a few different factors at play and the composition is definitely influenced in a more contemporary way.

I choose to do so because the mixing in street art and the woodland lines into the work gives is a real fragmented look. Within the painting strong color contrast glazing and numerous dripping paint effects make way for different interpretations of the image. This picture definitely will hand you the possibility to look and discover your own little pictures in the painting and a fun way to see the difference from up close and far off.

For a person of my descent it speaks in a way of getting a family together and look for those teachings and a healthy life style and spirituality that is symbolized by the white horse the two subjects ride on.

Going home because home is where the love is. Being a person from mixed descent I always have felt a desire to grow closer to my roots be that in Africa Cape-Verde or here in Canada with me Anishinabek family and my mother from the French river area.

I think about my community a lot because this is supposed to be part of my home but my mother and my family is hurting because of pain –lots of it.

Pain is love, and we are clenching on to traditional teachings trying not to wonder away from our ways so that we may stay healthy and balanced with the natural world.

The painting shows a bigger picture but is loaded with tons of smaller stories within this is how I see me own journey across the globe and sharing that love in life with a soul-mate.

Miigwetch Isaac

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