Arts & Récits Autochtones - The Day the Earth Frowned

The Day the Earth Frowned

2016 - Lauréat de récits

Kaylee Sullivan

St. George's, NL
St. George's
Âge 15

Une note d'auteur

Author Statement

Hello! My name is Kaylee Marie Sullivan, I am a fifteen year-old high school student, that is attending Appalachia High school. I live in St. George’ s, Newfoundland and Labrador. I am from Aboriginal ancestry, and I actively practice the respectful ways of the Aboriginal people by doing activities like smudging and receiving my spiritual name, which is little salmon swimming in the river. My short story, The Day The Earth Frowned, has significant a meaning. I wanted to show the belief that the sun is the creator and so I made Earth its loving child. This short story is meant for children, but people of all ages can enjoy it as well, and get the heartfelt message it sets out. This story is centered on showing that the Earth is a living creature, and that we as humans, are harming that living creature without knowing it. It also gives the message to children, that mothers love their children unconditionally, and that even though we are harming the Earth through plastic and harmful chemicals, the Earth loves us anyway. I wanted to express my love for the Earth and all of its children such as the plants and animals, but in a fun, creative way. This way, my message of motherly love and respect can be understood for even the smallest of children. I wanted to keep my idea based off my Aboriginal roots, to respect my ancestors and our nations history.

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The Day the Earth Frowned