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This is Me Now

2012 - Lauréat de récits

I could be that Indian, That you already think I am. I could be that Indian, The one you want me to be.

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Lindsay Brumwell

Deseronto, ON
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Âge 26

Une note d'auteur

This is Me Now is a collection of poetry that is emotionally charged, and at times very raw. It encompasses issues that affect myself as an Aboriginal person and other Aboriginal peoples.
The subject matter of these poems is very personal and close to my heart. They are deeply emotional and triumphant pieces about my life experiences, and struggles with my own identity as a Mohawk woman with a mixed heritage. They tell both my own story, and the story of my fellow Mohawk people, as I see and experience it. I invite you to come along on my journey to self-discovery and self-realization, and will let my poems speak to you in any way they can, or any way you allow them to. I feel that these poems will speak to Aboriginal peoples, and they will be able to see themselves reflected in them. I think they are also important for non-Aboriginal peoples to read as well because they tell a story about a rich, and sometimes painful history. These poems work hard to break down various barriers. It is my hope that they will work towards the decolonization process, and free our people by giving us a voice, and a way of telling our stories. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I hope you are able to take something away from it, or bring your own experiences to it and help make it come alive. Nia:wen.

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This is Me Now


I could be that Indian


I could be that Indian,

That lives in the tipi.

I could be that Indian,

That you see on T.V.

I could be that Indian,

Stoic and grave.

I could be that Indian,

Mascot of the Atlanta Braves.

I could be that Indian,

That you already think I am.

I could be that Indian,

The one you want me to be.

But I’d rather not,

I’d prefer to be just me.