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Arts & Récits Autochtones - Oliver,The Cover-Up Kid

Oliver,The Cover-Up Kid

2016 - Lauréat d’art

Jared Boechler

Saskatoon, SK
Âge 20

Une note d'auteur

I have always felt compelled to paint what isn’t there. I paint images that are realistic in style, but often impossible or surreal in nature. I strive to create images that remain subtle as a whole, but offset the stillness of the scenes with elements that provoke both an ease and quiet unease. The focus of my work is often led by the mood of an imagined environment, with several pieces demonstrating emphasis on exaggerated or unlikely figures of the human body. Several of my works are inspired by scents, and the memories that a combination of scents can evoke, as is often reflected in the title of the work.

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