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Arts & Récits Autochtones - In My Spirit

In My Spirit

2013 - Lauréat d’art

Jared Boechler

Saskatoon, SK
Âge 17

Une note d'auteur

I was inspired to create a picture that would explore the relationship between my grandparents, with my grandmother being the matriarchal link to the Métis history of our family. I chose to paint a moment/scene that presented itself as a study of relationships, but required a deeper look into the heritage and opposing attitudes of the people involved in the relationship to fully be able to understand the theme of the painting. As I mature I find myself wanting to explore the identities of two people with drastically different personalities, opinions and views who at one time considered themselves a couple. My grandmother and grandfather are devout Catholics and I chose the setting of a cathedral because it is a place that represents one of the very few commonalities between them; Christianity and the belief in a Creator.

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